Redundancy Seminar Training

Unlike many of the redundancy seminar training available today we offer training from experts who’ve been there and done it and not trainers who are delivering someone else’s course notes? Our employment law training workshops and courses are delivered by professionals who have been working hard at the cutting edge.

Redundancy Seminar training – staff and courses

All of our staff are disciplined and are experienced in leading a business through redundancy consultations and dismissals. They have all handled serious grievances and they know how difficult it can be to effectively implement new policies.

We all understand that dealing with redundancy can be daunting for both employees and employers: Our course highlights the fact that during a redundancy employees have a number of rights and employers need to understand what these are and follow correct procedures and apply them fairly.

For the employer our redundancy seminar training covers such things as; how to inform and consult collectively (with trade unions or employee representatives) about redundancy. Minimising claims for unfair dismissal by dealing fairly with individuals being considered for redundancy. How to determine an employees statuary or contractual redundancy payment. The course also includes looking at what the alternatives to redundancy are, including lay off and short-time working. All of this and more we can deliver in our training courses and workshops.

We believe we have the right training to suit any company or organisation, whether you want senior managers and employees trained in-house or you want to join a public course you will find any of our training will have the right answers for you.

Our courses and training will help your business steer away from problems and towards prosperity. We offer valuable and commercial information and our team can deliver this in an easy digestible and sometimes entertaining way to directors, senior managers and business owners.

Redundancy seminar training – why?

In the real world of business we are all faced with new challenges continually surfacing. Redundancy seminar training will help as yearly nearly half a million employers are involved in redundancy tribunals so with our expert training our goal is to help your organisation jump and clear these hurdles if this were to happen to your business.

All of our courses offer active participation and cover a business owners legal obligations, managing absentees and sickness, how to avoid an employment tribunal, what happens in an employment tribunal, redundancy do’s and don’ts backed up with any updates on employment law.

Employment Law in the UK

Are you an employer?

If you are an employer looking for straight forward advice in language that you understand our UK based team are here for you.

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Employment Law in the UK

Are you an employee?

If you are an employee needing for clear advice that can help your case our U.K. based experts are here for you.

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