Employment tribunal representation

Employment Tribunal Representation


In our experience, employment tribunal representation for employers is a must as we have seen cases where weeks of management time and thousands of pounds can easily be burned on a simple case. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that we are there for them from the outset of any employee issue, we are there for them every step of the way from the very beginning right through to the employment tribunal conclusion.

If you are an employee we are here to help. It is paramount that employees have the same opportunity as employers when getting employment tribunal representation. No matter how positive you feel your case may be having an employment solicitor fight your corner will help get the very best solution at your employment tribunal. We know your employer will have an employment lawyer with them so make sure you have legal representation fighting your corner as well.

Employment Tribunal representation – Employer – Your reputation saved and costs cut

When a company or employer finds itself in a situation where the worst happens, our expertise can help avoid costly legal fees which can amount to thousands of pounds a day.

We will fight your corner our employment tribunal representation comes with resolve, willingness and a fighting spirit you would expect from a company who only specialise in employment law issues. Our experience is second to none we have the skill set to represent you at an employment tribunal.

This scenario is every employers waking nightmare. Everyone thinks about the employee from hell but time and time again it is not uncommon for businesses to face legal problems from someone who until recently, was the shining light of the team, great employee, so unexpected that while your attention is focused elsewhere, your business can suffer. Employment law being our sole focus helps us achieve for our clients the best possible outcome. We fully prepare and represent businesses and organisations in an employment tribunal. What you can expect from us in any employment tribunal representation is a team of experienced professionals and employee relation specialists with tenacity.

Employment Tribunal Representation –  Employee – different types

From a straightforward wages application through to more complex unfair dismissal, discrimination, and collective claims arising out of TUPE regulations or redundancy consultations, we can act for you in any type of employment tribunal claim .

Our Employment tribunal representation service for Employees includes drafting pleadings, preparing witness statements and settlement negotiations. Even before any tribunal ask about our retainer service we offer which includes a fixed rate employment tribunal representation packages so you know exactly how much you will pay at the outset.

With us, this is our sole business, so it really is a highly cost-effective alternative to general practice solicitors, some of whom have no in house employment specialty and will out source, meaning you pay for the out sourcing work and the solicitors where as with us you stay in full control working with a named specialist within our company.

So whether you are an employer or employee and want tribunal representation get in touch with our highly experienced employment solicitors, we really can help!

Employment Law in the UK

Are you an employer?

If you are an employer looking for straight forward advice in language that you understand our UK based team are here for you.

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Employment Law in the UK

Are you an employee?

If you are an employee needing for clear advice that can help your case our UK based experts are here for you.

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