Employment Tribunal Indemnity Insurance

The nightmare scenario that every employer dreads is an employment tribunal which is why we offer a flexible and powerful indemnity insurance to protect your company or organisation from an employment tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunal Indemnity Insurance – Why take the risk of an employment tribunal destroying your business?

If only the world of business was straight forward- our business plans were all about service, turnover and profit that’s the transactional outcome, right? Now a days with phrases like no win no fee employment it’s not always no. Rightly or wrongly, some employees sometimes feel aggrieved about the way they have been treated at work, by and employer or organisation. And with advances in technology such as search engines like Google it is now easier than ever to find out how easy it is for them to take an employer, company or organisation to an employment tribunal.

When business partners or employees working relationships break down the resulting fall out and potential legal action can be the kiss of death to any business.

With any employment tribunal, it is time-consuming, complex and a very daunting experience. Don’t let it be your company or organisation. Get protected; get peace of mind, get a fixed cost, employment tribunal Indemnity insurance policy from us the professional experienced employment law company with offices throughout the U.K.

Employment Tribunal Indemnity Insurance – what’s covered?

With us you can expect a flexible and powerful indemnity insurance to protect your company or organisation from an employment tribunal claim. Our employment tribunal indemnity insurance will give you additional reassurance, protecting you and help to cover any legal expenses up to £1 million.

You will be covered for most employment tribunal awards, provided you seek and follow our expert advice to the letter. So if the worst does happen your legal costs will be covered right through to paying your compensation award.

Our service includes full case preparation, together with advocacy in the employment tribunal by our own team of experienced legal professionals and employee relations specialists. We protect your reputation and provide bottom line savings, as our service is a cost effective alternative to many, and often, non-specialist solicitors. We will manage the case and see it through to absolute resolution. It’s not a business expense. As your workforce grows, employment tribunal insurance is quite simply peace of mind.

Employment Law in the UK

Are you an employer?

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Employment Law in the UK

Are you an employee?

If you are an employee needing for clear advice that can help your case our U.K. based experts are here for you.

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