Employment Law in UK

Are you an employer?

If you are an employer looking for straight forward advice in language that you understand our UK based team are here for you.

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Employment Law in UK

Are you an employee?

If you are an employee needing for clear advice that can help your case our UK based experts are here for you.

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UK Specialist Employment Law Experts

Our employment law experts work closely with some of the best HR teams throughout the UK, who approach us when they need some professional legal advice. We have supported them in making important decisions or offered a second opinion on what day to day needs are required. As a firm we pride ourselves in the fact that we only concentrate on employment law working closely with experienced in-house HR managers or in experienced company owners.

Employment Law Experts – Advice

If you are an employer looking for straight forward advice in language that you understand our team are here for you. We all know employees are now more protected by employment law than at any other time in industrial history, one wonders, who is protecting the employer? We are! With more and more data available, particularly online we understand this helps fuel the ever growing knowledgeable employee.

As an employer you need to understand and comply with a stack of legislation because employment law covers a vast area – not just employment contracts or dismissal but everything else in between.

Our employment law experts will help with not just the obvious dangers such as sexual, gender, racial or age discrimination. We will arm your organisation with some of the hidden dangers that might be there now or in the future, we are there to protect your business as after all you have worked tersely to get the business to where it is today.

Our employment law advise also covers all necessary documentation, including contracts of employment, employee handbooks, policies and procedures and bespoke letters of correspondence.

It is important to understand the terms and conditions within a contract of employment help both the employee and employer understand what is expected of them, any company leaving this to chance by having no or incorrect employment contracts is leaving itself wide open to problems. From an employer’s perspective this can prove invaluable in defending your business should you ever end up in an employment tribunal.

Employment Law Experts – Protection

Time and time again we see companies frequently get bashed for getting minor details wrong, is it really worth taking the risk of not getting professional help from employment law experts?

Employees are protected by statutory rights and laws; a contract of employment is the foundation of any business and your way of protecting yourself. Our contracts are drafted, by our fully trained and qualified staff to your precise requirements.